The Aquarium Snails Feeding Conditions

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Steam water snails – marine and freshwater snails Interchange, fresh water tank in good survival, but the eggs can not hatch. The main varieties – zebra snails, snail onion, watermelon snail, horn snails, eggs, abalone, snails … …

Freshwater snails – well in fresh water aquarium in the survival and reproduction. The main varieties – golden snails, snail purple (violet), Viola screw (purple sea snails) blue crystal (sapphire blue ivory), ivory white, moon snails (big horn snails), ribbon pagoda, gold snails, underwater snail, Li-Lo Malay snails, red apple snail, blue apple snails, snail French gold, pearl dragon horn snail … .. most of the freshwater snail shell software are all creatures, belonging to mollusks Gastropoda.

Here to define it: the mystery behind the screw often referred mainly contains – purple snails, snail Viola (purple sea snails), blue crystal (sapphire blue ivory), green crystal, white ivory, gold screw these five. They have soft teeth, they decided to only eat rotten things, but can not bite good move plants, and because the beautiful and varied colors and large individuals, it itself has a highly ornamental,

2. Feeding conditions:

General aquarium of any size can raise snails, the best level in more than 20 cm with lid, because the mystery snails Series – Gold spiral, purple snail, snail purple lily, blue crystal, ivory white, green crystal into a spiral with the propagation spawning period of the habits of the top surface of the water, sometimes fall out fall.

Higher water temperature, water quality is better, adequate and good quality feed, screw on the fast growth rate, whereas the growth rate will slow. Big-block cylinder snails than small fast-growing.

Between all the snails can polyculture, and can and most small or medium-sized fish, shrimp polyculture, however, and submarines, chocolate baby, puffer fish, turtles, carp polyculture of these are bad, they will eat the young snails. There are many fish will try to bite the apple snail’s tentacles, but this should not be a problem, because the snails can quickly learn to Suko hidden in the shell below.

3. Feeding water quality:

Both water vapor and the water quality requirements of freshwater snails are not very strict, they are amphibious creatures, more than most of the fish to survive in the harsh environment, the fish can live it will be able to live, not live to fish it can hold water , snails can get oxygen in the air and water, not even very low oxygen content in water oxygen and died.

But in order to screw the best growth, dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity, water pollution in these areas still have to talk about: generally speaking, the higher the amount of dissolved oxygen the better growth, lower will stop feeding. PH value of 7-8 is best (neutral or alkaline water) to adapt the range of 6-9, with more than this range will cause death. Salinity will result in more than three thousandths of a mysterious spiral of death, but the waters of the screw steam no problem. Water pollution refers to pollution mainly pharmaceutical, metal contamination, biological software contains a large number of drug and water molecules are more sensitive to copper and iron.

Recommended the establishment of a large number of nitrifying bacteria in the tank system, because there is no biological filtration system that you may find muddy water, add oxygen to maintain the best state of the water oxygen at the surface when the snails will climb some of the ornamental effect.
Long spiral shell of calcium because of high demand, the water in the PH higher than seven, growing out of the thick, hard shells, less than 7 pm, shell thinning (snails can adapt between PH6.5-8.5) over acid corrosion caused by water snails will appear uneven, calcium deficiency will result in shells at the mouth of the growth lines appear Huokou and so on. Recommended on a regular basis and used to add calcium to prevent decalcification with spiral grain, another frequently changes a small amount of water can also help. Water is too acid (PH less than 6.0) to be added to adjust the PH value modifier, or coral sand can also help you get more stable PH value, in short, prevention, and other treatment when found to have been too late, even on a calcium supplement , ornamental shells also reduced!

4. Temperature

Snails like to live in warm conditions, the optimum temperature of 20-30 degrees, this time feeding capacity, rapid growth, more than 35 degrees decreased growth rate, survival up to the critical temperature of 45 degrees, 15 degrees below activities do not love , 5 degrees below into hibernation for a long time 3 degrees below dead.

5. Stocking density:

In general, stocking density can be 5 liters of water feeding a spiral into more appropriate, in shells 2 liters, the amount is too large will be very likely to cause calcium and water turbidity, hypoxia phenomenon. Of course, if the more powerful the circulatory system and 24-hour oxygen can play more than raise some.

6. Life:

Mystery snails can reach the general three-year male screw, female screw can reach four to five years. But the spiral of life associated with a certain temperature, the higher the temperature the shorter life expectancy. Otherwise long life. Apple snails shortest life expectancy is generally one year. Malay and ribbon pagoda class life in 3-4 years. Moonlight class life in three years.

7. Lo hybrid

Gold, blue crystal, ivory white, ivory, green, purple, purple lilies belong to the six snail mystery snail family, hybridization between them is. Between different classes can not cross.

The Aquarium Snails Feeding Conditions

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