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How to Start Caring For Goldfish

Caring for goldfish is not hard. It all started one thousand years ago on China when the Crucian carp mutation changed its color from silver to gold. Even today a lot of goldfish owners are having problems when it comes to having a healthy and happy goldfish.

Goldfish care starts a long time before you buy the fish. First you need to buy an aquarium. Aquarium size is very important for goldfish because they can grow up to 12 inches. The recommended tank size for keeping one goldfish is 15 gallons. Less than that and you will have problems with keeping a high quality water for your fish.

Once you know the size and type of the aquarium you need to set it up. Here you have to be careful what kind of objects you want to place in the tank because some fish like Bubble Eye or Moor might get their eyes hurt. As you can see, caring for goldfish demands a lot of effort from your part. Do not worry, because if you love doing it will become very easy and almost effortless.

The most important factors on goldfish care are water quality and feeding. These are the key to having a happy and healthy goldfish. If the goldfish is happy, you will be happy.

Tips for maintaining a high quality water:

- tank size: 10-15 gallons per goldfish
- do not let algae takeover the tank
- do a 20-30% water change every week
- keep ammonia levels low (healthy bacteria and water changes are necessary)
- clean the uneaten food and poop from the bottom of the tank
- do not overcrowd the tank
- if you add new goldfish or plants to the tank make shore you quarantine them first
- the ideal water temperature is between 60 and 75 degrees F

Tips for feeding your goldfish

- do not feed him only goldfish flakes
- a varied diet with fruit and vegetables is necessary
- do not overfeed your fish, feed them once a day
- feed them only what they can eat in 2 minutes
- there is no underfeeding only overfeeding

Goldfish are very social and friendly. The best tank mates for goldfish are other goldfish. Be very careful with what types of goldfish you add to your aquarium. Keep single tail goldfish like Common or Comet away from double tail “fancy” goldfish like Black Moor or Bubble Eye. Common goldfish are faster, while the Moors are slower and have a poor eye sight and might miss the food.

Caring for goldfish is not a hard, but there are a lot of things you need to know if you want happy and healthy goldfish. I recommend goldfish as pets for everyone because they are so beautiful, cute and playful.

How to Start Caring For Goldfish

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