How to Care for Discus Fish – 10 Steps

There are different kinds of tropical fish and one has to be able to understand how to properly take care of them. Some make the mistake of buying a fish that they do not even understand. Having an aquarium is a serious responsibility and is considered to be rewarding and fulfilling once done correctly. The way a fish has to be taken care of varies and one has to know more in order to do more.

How to Care for discus fish: Passion and Responsibility in Fish Care

The discus is a well-loved aquarium pet due to the fact that the fish intelligent, loving and interactive with their owners. For this reason, many would like to understand how to care for discus fish, how to prolong their life and how to create the connection.

Caring for fish does not have to be seen as complex rather a challenge that once completed is a monumental achievement. It is the ability of the hobbyist to combine. Harmonize and make the lives of the fish thrives in order to get a sense of satisfaction.

Here are steps on how to care for discus fish:

1. Never underestimate the power of a book. Although online suggestions are good and contain helpful hints, nothing is better than taking the time to go and research on the real informative ways to care for the discus, learn the variety of the fish, how they came about and what makes them thrive.

2. Check the quality of water. Do not just use any tap-water. Make sure to remove the chlorine and other chemicals and to use soft water to maintain the pH of the water.

3. Use warm water never a cold one to maintain the needed water temperature by the discus. pH 7 – Gh 15 – Kh 8 – conductivity 800ms – temp 30C

4. Sign up for fish practical fishing magazines in order to get more helpful hints on how to care for discus fish.

5. It would be best to care for an older discus fish and they tend to be stable. Choose 12cm and over so that you can be definite regarding the color and the shape that you will be getting.

6. Never buy only one discus fish. It has to be able to interact with 5 or more discus in order to thrive and never alone.

7. Make sure that the water is clean and changed every now and then, it would be best not to place gravel in order for an easier maintenance.

8. Never use a carbon filter as this could affect the quality of life of the fish.

9. It would be best to keep the design of the tank minimal. You can include some plants and a few stones and wood but less is better in order to make the maintenance faster. It would be best to give the discus fish swimming space.

10. It would be good to use a grolux tube for discus for lighting.

Knowing how to care for discus fish is the key in prolonging their life.

How to Care for Discus Fish – 10 Steps

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