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The Question about the Catfish Breeding

For aquarium gamers, catfish breeding and juvenile fish with a big sense of accomplishment is very fun and play. As long as the conditions suitable for feeding into adulthood they will crop a small crop of catfish eggs, almost every week.

Just beginning to peek into the eggs was very hard to deal with me, because the eggs are often uninvited guests around the snatch, the surrounding catfish eggs is a very attractive fish dishes, even the Cardinal of class is like a small fish to enjoy these meals, fish and rats mother felt threatened their own survival even after their production will occur in the case of eating eggs, do not timely pick up the eggs, then the consequences can be imagined, if the edge raw edge, then pick up, new problems will emerge – new egg-shell thin sticky and difficult to collect, and because mouse eggs is in vitro fertilization, if not some time to ensure that, even picking up a lot of eggs for fertilization will not fully reduced hatchability. Through a period of observation and advice to friends, but also have some feelings and experiences, in this Anjiu initiate incompetence, and hope with you mouse with a lot of fish exchange. (Special thanks in this glowing father, Kowloon vanish, millet Ann Lang a few friends to help)

Picking up eggs

The catfish eggs in the fish like to close a glass wall from the water, or water plants, and even the sand on the bottom, relatively speaking, the fish spawning in the mother seems to prefer slightly stimulated water dissolved oxygen is good, and there is shelter in place. You can use this to artificially create a conducive environment for breeding fish, mice, rats that set up a special breeding tank fish: a group of species of fish kept in a separate breeding tank, placed in small Banyan Egeria iron fixtures like the spawning , conditional streams can be added to create a slight irritation, try to ensure the propagation of the same species, a separate group of fish feeding and so on. These measures can effectively prevent the loss of fish eggs, fish, mice and prevent different types of hybrid issues.


Simple approach can be collected eggs hatch into the box, there is an argument that the use of raw water tank hatch box hatch can be improved, if the original tank water quality good, this approach is established, if not the original water tank guarantee can be considered a separate breeding tank set up a small hatch, both to facilitate the observation is also conducive to the necessary transfer point into the sterilizing agents such as methylene blue inhibition of long-haired bad eggs in water. Regardless of how, in a timely manner or fertilization Abstract spotted signs of deterioration are moldy eggs, to maintain good water quality is the key to improve the hatching rate.


After three days time, like the small fry swim out of the yolk, this time the little fish movement is weak, poor water quality or environmentally unsafe if it is easy to die-for. After two days time, seedlings of native yolk sac absorption of nutrients will be gradually completed, fish’s swimming ability is also greatly enhanced, we can see the fish take off already top-heavy. The key issue at this stage is successful opening eat.

Mice, opening the fish food, a lot of online discussion of technical articles, whether hatched brine shrimp, egg yolk, water, micro-worms, and even green water, etc. are possible once you have the right, but my own problems because of breeding conditions and to select the openings with brine shrimp shelling approach, the advantage of time-saving convenience store, disadvantage, poor nutrition is probably not conducive to long small fry quickly the body. Glowing dad aquarists also recommend a fresh opening to prevent the rest of the bad water treatment method: When the fish feed, feeding extra time to complete, (this time a small fish belly bulging belly, showing the contents within the red ) into the two small apple snails hatched box, so that they go to clean the residue leftovers, the actual good results with them, but also a practical tips.

The Question about the Catfish Breeding

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