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The Koi Keeping Skills

Outdoor koi pond, the number of times to bait have in accordance with the then state of health of the fish, the state of water, the water temperature suitably adjusted, the water temperature is the most important among which the most suitable water temperature is 20-25 degrees Celsius, the day can be fed -6 times higher than 25 degrees Celsius or below 18 degrees Celsius is necessary to reduce the amount of feeding, the water temperature below 11 degrees Celsius or above 30 degrees Celsius will have to stop feeding will reduce the dissolved oxygen of the water temperature is too high in the water, feeding will increase the oxygen demand of the fish; the contrary the water temperature is too low, fish digestive.

Koi feeding must timing, fixed point, qualitative and quantitative. On the market specifically for koi eating the feed, bred by Yan, different types of color Yang and particle size.

Koi need to be carefully:

Feeding by the observation, so the day-to-day management to adhere to daily visits to observe the fish pond or fish tank. Check every day but also on the filtration equipment, including the observation of a fish pond or aquarium without water leakage; the pump is functioning properly, filter tank dirt clogged, affecting the filtering effect, UV germicidal lamp is reliable and effective. Commit to fulfilling the regular water disinfection, to prevent fish disease.

Around the world, Koi has become dotted and beautify the living environment of the living works of art, the construction of the koi pond in the courtyard of a considerable number of Koi enthusiasts or small koi pond set in the bedroom, stairways. Koi keeping both cultivate sentiments, and beautify the environment, to bring joy and harmony, while the koi to make our city more beautiful, it is peace, happiness, and a symbol of longevity.

Keeping a pure lineage, good quality Koi together with the green plants and a rockery jade to become a beautiful landscape. When the sparkling fish scale, water has passed, the fish in the water merrily swim, it is refreshing, fun. Keeping koi healthy, studies have shown that with the acceleration of the pace of people’s working life, often felt uneasy, some negative emotions, leading to a series of diseases. Breeding koi can help relaxation and reduce fatigue; enjoy the koi can make people calm down, to eliminate distractions.

Not dramatic changes, carp can easily adapt to changes in the environment of each water temperature, water quality is not no big garden can not be feeding, and some even made reservoirs feeding in the second floor balcony or a rooftop balcony. However, we appreciate koi majestic Hammer of the gas pool as much as possible wide and appropriate depth of 1.2 m above the ideal. Fish pond must be bottom water discharge, filtration and circulation equipment, water does not have to take groundwater, tap water can also be feeding.

Daily drainage:

(1) If manure or dead algae all sent to the filter tank, the oxygen consumption increases, the acid concentration increased, PH is on the decline, will be converted to nitrite, increase the burden of the filter tank. In order to minimize the burden on the filter tank, every day at least once in the bottom water of the pond to drain, so that the excreta discharged to go to the middle of the water sent to the sedimentation tank and filter tank, filter tank must always be clean.

(2) take fish waste concentrated in the bottom defecation, the best way is not blowing from the bottom but blowing from 40-50 cm above the mouth of defecation. Such a bubble to rise, water convection, the dirt must focus on the defecation mouth.

Importance of management:

Water to keep oxygen less, not only affect the digestion of feed, the fertility of the carp, as aforesaid filtration, water quality maintenance has a great relationship. In order to clean the dirt attached to the filter in the filter tank, the bacteria will consume a large amount of oxygen (about koi to be the same amount), insufficient oxygen, nitric acid will be reduced to nitrite, oxygen will be away from the sulfuric acid points to produce hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases. When the concentration of nitric acid, nitrous acid is increased, regardless of how efforts can not make the increase in dissolved oxygen. So to make the increase in dissolved oxygen, nitrate and nitrite must be removed.

The Koi Keeping Skills

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