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The Aquarium Disease Prevention Method

1. aquarium to be a big fish. Fish density is relatively small per liter of water for 1cm of fish, the stocking density not know also summed up the experience of many predecessors. You could lower then the density is not not.

2. The filter arrangement. Some friends beginning fish will only buy an air pump. That the water of oxygen slap cheer, the water muddy water changes. Buying a filter indifferent. This idea is very dangerous. Articles of equipment fed by colorful, we talked about the significance of the filtering device is now biochemical filter. Are no longer simply to remove the impurities in the water. But to establish a good micro-organisms to eliminate harmful substances in water circulation system to improve the hydrological environment. The system is not prepared. In my experience, the filter channel gap should be bigger that little bit longer. First coarse filter cotton filter out impurities, and then through biochemical filter cotton, bio balls or ceramic ring nitrifying bacteria attached to the base of the filter, let them attached nitrifying bacteria play a role. And then filtered through activated carbon to remove chlorine, cadmium and other harmful elements. Finally, after a cotton filter filter back into the aquarium. This filtering aspect is the experience I fish. I generally do not have the finished filter in order to save money, but to build their own filtration devices. It will be much cheaper.

3. The speed of the water is higher. This is according to the varieties of fish. You keep the text of water you can not flood into the thick of them and even fixed water fish produced? Here is can withstand water, try to engage in large circulating water point. To simulate the natural flow conditions.

4. Lazy people can not fish. The fish people must develop the habit of daily monitoring check water quality and fish living conditions. This work is very boring. But you have to do this. Carefully check the water pH, nitrite content of hydrological indicators. Observe the fish’s body, with or without abnormal. The form of fish, and whether the action is wrong. Found at an early stage whether the fish disease and prevent infection. People are defined as several of my friends said to buy fish only home every day in front of the aquarium and it would sit for 1,2 hours without blinking an eye staring at the fish look into the situation. I did not so exaggerated it. But every day observation, and it is best to do some observation diary is necessary.

5. The other part of the water every three to seven days. While old water is key to keep a good fish, it is also essential to stimulating effect on the metabolism of fresh water fish and aquatic plants.

Bait control and disinfection. Friends fed natural live bait is extremely important. Some time ago a lot of friends Mail to me and asked why I say can not be used to feed silk worms colorful, he also did not find nothing wrong with. On this point, I would like to invite everyone to take a look at the origin of natural silk worms. In rural or factory next to the bilges, water depth of 3-5cm below the surface of the mud is natural silk worms settlements. Everyone should know this place pesticides or industrial pollution is very serious. Especially the silk worms the metal cadmium immune and they are absorbed in their body deposition. Something you say fish have no good? Of course, after a small amount of good disinfection and rinsing feeding nor not. But the work of disinfection and rinsing must have done a good job.

The Aquarium Disease Prevention Method

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