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What is points for fish tank to check?

What is points for fish tank to check?

Each after the fish tank on the check: Whether the light, whether one of them is not illuminated, or not in accordance with the time you set to turn on or off perhaps happened blackout Oh. Normal filter operation. Whether the fish is not normal, like swimming or body should pay attention to whether the

Signs of Old Age in Bettas


Ok, let’s assume that your betta really is getting on in years. What are some of the symptoms you may notice? There are several physical changes that may occur. Most noticeably, his color may change subtly or dramatically over time and eventually become very dull and even brown. Iridescent coloration may fade entirely leaving a

The Fish Sick Reason Summary

The Fish Sick Reason Summary

1. Long-term do not change the water, not cleaning the filter too much humus. 2. The stocking density is too large. 3. The sudden change in weather, the air pressure is too low. 4. The plankton excessive and fish compete for oxygen with each other. 5. Water temperature sudden changes in temperature up to 5

The Aquarium Disease Prevention Method

·The Aquarium Disease Prevention Method

1. aquarium to be a big fish. Fish density is relatively small per liter of water for 1cm of fish, the stocking density not know also summed up the experience of many predecessors. You could lower then the density is not not. 2. The filter arrangement. Some friends beginning fish will only buy an air

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