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Aquarium Fish Keeping Key Points Summary

Recently, there was some little experience, may not be right, perhaps in other conditions, does not work, but I guarantee each of the offerings, for myself, is the essence of experience, I flattered; decide with you Share!

1. The Peacock is not the best to support fish. What fish is best to keep it? I can not jump to conclusions; but if it is the best support, I beg to differ! Online casual Soso “Peacock common,” you will find love this little guy actually made a lot of really sick! Is also a small fish, some of the other subjects, did not it more. The most critical is that it and all the small fish, once got sick, no matter what, almost all terminally ill. Many diseases are like this, not to mention fish should be noted, this one much more than fish; That being said, it is also best to keep the fish?

2. Guppy fish breeding “point”. I always thought, peacock fish feeding point, not pH, is not water, not oxygen, water temperature not feed … but! I do not mean that the water temperature is too low or too high peacock will hang, but the temperature! I think peacock is a kind of temperature is very sensitive animals. To keeping live peacock, the daily temperature changes in the frequency shall not exceed 2 times, each time not more than 2 degrees! Therefore, a constant and accurate temperature control rod is necessary, especially in spring and autumn days! In addition, to develop a weather forecast every day care is also necessary, so that you can make early preparations for the temperature regulating thermostatic bar!

3. Light blue eyes (medaka), not light subjects fish, I believe many people know; the fact that it is medaka fish. Since it is a medaka fish generally are slightly alkaline PH. I have seen many people say the Internet in the tank to feed the wood Shen light blue eyes, and even reproduce the case. But I think, whether this statement is true, but my personal experience tells me that medaka fish is light blue eyes, not the light fish; water must be alkaline! Anyway, I can not feed water in acid light blue eyes. I think that this fish really is not difficult to raise, as long as alkaline, others say!

4. Many people say the traffic lights is not good support, many years ago I think so, but I gradually began to discover, as if raised gradually changed for the better. Was puzzled, then suddenly remembered, was originally put driftwood … Yes, traffic lights and one of the feeding point is to acid, or be sure to put driftwood! Shen said that as long as there is almost wooden, other say! It is not so sick peacock, peacock, as unlike the cold air comes in to let you adjust the thermostat rod adjustment was running around in circles … … In fact, traffic lights, really easy to keep!

5. There is a point that must be old water! I found the traffic light week for 1 / 3 of water, its frequency is too fast, I think a couple of weeks for 1 / 3 is appropriate. Best to put the new sink wooden cylinder 3 to 7 days after the re-entry of fish into the fish fed with the control after the amount of reasonable and activated carbon filtration to control water quality, in fact, this is not difficult.

6. Shrimp. I said, referring to the cherry shrimp and very fire, because I did not raise before the other. I had a Mosi, Shen wood tank to the traffic lights keep very well, and cherry and is very fire, have died. Puzzling, try holding the hearts of the final, installed a water goblin (can oxygenation), the results remaining two survived the fire pole … maybe a lot of people would say is a case, not enough to describe the problem. Many people may even say shrimp is not a high biological oxygen consumption, oxygen can not play live. But everyone has to read the fishermen shrimp ponds? Whether it also has to fight oxygen equipment? In fact, shrimp is a high oxygen consumption, though not biological, but it is like the explosion of biological oxygen environment. If you think all the equipment are complete, the environment is also suitable, but the shrimp or why not make a living, it is better to try the oxygen bar fight … …

7. Many of my friends may think that the key is keeping the water temperature Mosi’s not too high, but I think it is light! Mosi of the light requirements are not very low, a medium level; I have 28 to 29 degrees in temperature, light enough case to Mosi growth … Of course, maybe my Mosi species relationships; but I that adequate lighting is key to the growth Mosi! Than fertilizer and water temperature.

Aquarium Fish Keeping Key Points Summary

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