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Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Question about the Catfish Breeding


For aquarium gamers, catfish breeding and juvenile fish with a big sense of accomplishment is very fun and play. As long as the conditions suitable for feeding into adulthood they will crop a small crop of catfish eggs, almost every week. Just beginning to peek into the eggs was very hard to deal with me,

In the Winter We Have Note for the Purchase and Transportation of Aquarium Fish


Winter cold, when we purchase and transport fish, we should pay special attention. 1. The purchase Winter fish traders to buy the fish, many of the sick, as well as temperature and the sick on the issue, so the winter of purchase, must be carefully selected. Best not to buy the following situations: (1) When

The Water Quality and Feeding Methods for Guppy Fish


The PH value of water is  the 6.8 to 7.3  for breeding guppy, temperature 24C to 27C. Guppy adaptability strong, slow changes in water quality can be adapted to the case of relatively large range of environments. The PH value is 5.5 to 8.0, temperature 18C to 32C. The guppy fish can survive. But only

Clean A Fish Tank With Filtration

Clean A Fish Tank With Filtration

Learning how to clean a fish tank with a filtration system is essential in aquarium and fish care, if you want to keep your fish happy and healthy. Filter systems clean out any chemicals or pollutants that maybe in your aquarium. These filters are then cleaned or replaced physically. There are, basically, three types of

The Aquarium Snails Feeding Conditions


1. Category: Steam water snails – marine and freshwater snails Interchange, fresh water tank in good survival, but the eggs can not hatch. The main varieties – zebra snails, snail onion, watermelon snail, horn snails, eggs, abalone, snails … … Freshwater snails – well in fresh water aquarium in the survival and reproduction. The main

The Importance of Water for Fish


“First keep water for keep fish”, This ancient saying height profile of the importance of water quality management, water quality is only good talent to have a good goldfish living environment, and in which a healthy life. The water to fish in the family is mainly water, tap water contains a lot of free chlorine,

Aquarium Fish Keeping Key Points Summary


Recently, there was some little experience, may not be right, perhaps in other conditions, does not work, but I guarantee each of the offerings, for myself, is the essence of experience, I flattered; decide with you Share! 1. The Peacock is not the best to support fish. What fish is best to keep it? I

Where Cichlids Come From

Where Cichlids Come From

You may wonder why successful cichlid owners know these seemingly trivial facts. As you watch your Oscar or Angelfish lazily swim or vigorously protect its territory, you contend you don’t care where this beautiful fish comes from. But if you know where these fish originated from then you’ll be able to better understand why they

How to Identify Male or Female for Discus Fish

How to Identify Male or Female for Discus Fish

1. Shape to distinguish law: the success rate: 60% In general, the same pair of fish among the male body is relatively large, the female body is relatively small and round. So some friends like to buy fish, many will find that most of the fish are raised after the male, this is because when

How to Find Out Discus Fish is Male or Female

How to Find Out Discus Fish is Male or Female

Trying to determine the gender of your discus fish can often be tricky but if you know how, it should be easy. Most novice fishkeeper will have a hard time trying to figure out which one is male or female but if you observe carefully you will notice that there’s a difference. The article here

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